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Bachelor Thesis

My Bachelor Thesis was on "Analysis and VHDL-based Implementation of Random Number Generators on SmartCards". I have written this from January to June 2001 as a co-operative work with Peter Hartmann (in German), and our advisor was Dr. Reinhard Rauscher. On the companion CD there are – apart from the actual text and the bibliography references – also the program source codes available in C and VHDL. The Thesis was published as a report of the Department of Computer Science, see the catalog entry of the library.

The bibliography reference is:

Peter Hartmann, Stefan Witt:
Vergleichende Analyse und VHDL-basierte Implementation von Zufallszahlengeneratoren auf Chipkarten (SmartCards),
Report FBI HH B 234 01, Universität Hamburg, Bibliothek des Fachbereichs Informatik, 2001


"Random numbers are used in many different domains. An increasingly important domain is smart cards, in which random numbers are mainly used for protection of products. They are generated by random number generators, which provide numbers by mathematical methods. In this study we have examined four different random number generators with respect to their suitability of implementing them on smart cards. The generators produce random numbers in different ways: With a linear feedback shift register, with quadratic residui, with permutations, and with doubling of points over an elliptic curve. The results are presented and compared. All these random number generators have been implemented for the statistic analysis in the programming language C and for the practical analysis in the hardware description language VHDL. "