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Adventure System

Glinde ’95

This master piece was created in 1996 in co-operation with Torben Kneesch: An extensible system for graphical adventure games, the Adventure System. Initially, we had planned a graphics adventure called Glinde ’95 (the name should resemble a famous and at that time brand new product with a similar name), which we have never actually implemented. It was supposed to be some Science Fiction story, which has never been written, and so the project failed due to the lacking plot. On top of that, neither of us could draw really well.

As a taster and for test purpose we created a Demo Adventure that shows the capabilities of the program in a small game. You can easily see why we never made it to a real adventure: Our drawing skills are just too bad. The Demo Adventure has 3 rooms, in which you have to solve some riddles. Meet Binky the Clown and the Keeper of The Secrets! We wish you lots of fun!


Those who really want to know how the program works, should have a look at the source codes (68000 assembler, ca. 23000 lines). A manual for creating your own adventures is included („“, in German only). Feel free to write your own adventure with it! I'd be happy to see the Adventure System as the engine of a really big game! If someone really writes an adventure with it, he or she should send me a copy.

Amiga Adventure-Demo (1) (installation disk 1; 301 KB)
Amiga Adventure-Demo (2) (installation disk 2; 638 KB)
Amiga (1128 KB)