Sogo - Background

This program evolved out of the Computer Graphics Course at Washington State University in fall 2001. As the final term project, Prof. Wayne O. Cochran assigned the students to create "something cool" with OpenGL. The first idea was to write a simulation program for the solar system, but there is already a brilliant program out there, OpenUniverse. Remembering an article from a computer magazine from 1992 ("Amiga Magazin" issue 5/1992, p. 46), I came up with the idea to implement Sogo.
The program was really cool, and I got an A for it. But it didn't become very popular, because it only ran in a Linux environment. So, in fall 2002, it was recompiled for Windows and enhanced a little bit. The result was version 1.1 of the game.
After testing Sogo on different machines, the need for a constant animation speed emerged. The spheres moved too fast on fast PCs, and so I created version 1.2 of Sogo to fix this problem among others.


Thanks to Heinz Witt for sending me the original article to start working on the project. Thanks to Diane Forson for being patient when I started working on Sogo at her place over Thanksgiving. Thanks to Joel Alfaro as the first test player. Thanks to Brian Lee for his idea about how to implement the computer player.
Thanks to Peter Hartmann for encouraging me to continue working on the program and many ideas to enhance the game. Thanks to Matthias Witt for helping me to port Sogo for Windows.
This program is dedicated to my brother Matthias Witt for his birthday.

Version History

Version 1.2, 12/15/2002:

Version 1.1, 11/29/2002:

Version 1.0, 11/24/2001:

Sogo Version 1.2, (c) 12/15/2002
This program is freeware. It may be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes as long as all the files in the original archive are present and have not been modified in any way. No charge for Sogo may be made other than a reasonable cost to cover the media and copying time.
Copyright (c) 2002 by Stefan Witt. All rights reserved.